The best entryway ever!

This will be my fifth and last year serving as a residential adviser, or, in Harvard lingo, Proctor. At the end of last term, my very fabulous entryway of Harvard freshmen made a video of appreciation for me. Each participant included a short message, recounting memories from their first year and, by the time I was done watching it, I was in tears.

Perhaps because I'm older now or maybe because the group was so special, I've never felt more like a parent... even though I specifically say at the beginning of each year that I am not your parent. I am so grateful to have advised the best entryway ever, an entryway so talented, hardworking, and full of energy. (Of course, when I meet with advisees from previous years and they ask me which year was the best, the only right answer is that it was theirs!)

After living in Greenough Hall for two years, I'm now moving to almost next door to Pennypacker. I will miss Greenough very much because it is the setting of so many great memories for me, but I'm looking forward to spending a year with my own kitchen and bathroom and (as always) the best entryway ever!

My summer internship at SANAA

During the summer of 2012, I traveled to Tokyo to intern at an architecture firm called Kazuyo Sejima + Ryue Nishizawa / S A N A A. I cannot detail specifics about the office because of privacy and non-disclosure concerns, but I have recorded some of my experiences in my blog, makeitkawai.